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Mercury (parad) is also known as quicksliver or flowing metal. The glory of parad shivlinga has been stated in the puranas, shastras and tantra text. It is said to be the semen (seed) of Lord Shiva. To contain or bind mercury is very difficult, that too by medicinal herbs only.

In the ancient grantha(book) named Parad Samhita many rare medicinal herbs are mentioned which can help in the process of purifying mercury and removing all the dosha (ill effect) from it to make it stable and solid. Some important herbs like Chitrak, Nakhshinkani, Vyagrapadhi, Shankpushpi, Bhilavaa, Putrajivika, Laajwanti, Neem, Shami, Soamlata, Jatamaasi, Vakratundi, Kanguni, Jalakumbhi, Mahakali, Dantimool, Kumpari, Devdaali, Aawala, Indravan, Bel,Safed palas, Dudhi, Shivlingi, Safed gunj ect. play an important role in the purification procces. After this stage mercury (parad) comes completely in a pure from by undergoing the Ashtasanskar (eight stages of purification) as per the parad Samhita.

Only such stable and solid form of mercury can withstand at very high temperature when heated. It can also be made to powder by crushing as well as can be turned into liquid form by heating agian. This siddha parad is then formed to make the unique Murtibaddha or Agnibaddha 'Parad Shivlinga'.

Caution :
Be careful while handling the parad Shivlinga. If it comes in contact with gold or gold plated ornaments it has the power to change the color of gold into white or ser in color. This itself proves the purity and authenticity of our products.

Making Of Parad Shivlinga

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Ayurvedic medicinal herbs used in the process of purifying mercury (parad).

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Ayurvedic medicinal herbs used in the process to make mercury (parad) solid.

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Process of crushing semisolid mercury in herbal juices to remove further impurities.

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Process of heat treatment done on solid mercury (parad) to make it withstand at high temperatures gradually.

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Final process of purification done while heating solid mercury (parad) with the help of herbal oils

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Purified stage of solid mercury (agnibaddha or murtibaddha parad) poured in the form of strips (ladi) which is used to make the shivlinga.

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The unique one piece die-casted parad shivlinga made from pure solid mercury.


It had been explained in the ancient garanths (book) like Ras Ratnakar, Ras Chandasu, Parad Samhita, Rasendara Chudamani ect. that by the very touch of such Parad Shivlinga aperson gets the benifit of Shiv pooja in all the three lokas (cosmic worlds).

A person who aquires Parad Shivlinga in his life and does correct ritualistic pooja and archana, reaps the benifits of worshipping all the Shivlingas present in the three lokas, or doing a hundred Ashwamegh yadnyas, or donating ten million cows or donating ten thousand grams of gold ect. Only one Parad Shivlinga is capable of bestwoing such blessing.

By the worship of Parad Shivlinga even the henious sin of Bramhin-hatya, Gau-hatya, Bal-hatya (dosha due to killing of a priest, cow or child in previous births) can be totally washed off.

It is said in the Bramha-puranas that he who worships the Parad Shivlinga devotedly, wheather one is a male, female, bramhin, kshatriya, vaishya or shurdra, gets full worldly pleasures and at last attains supreme destination (moksha) .

Parad has a special significance in Ayurveda too. Wherever the Parad Shivlinga is establised disease and illness does not stay there. It helps in controlling various disease like, high blood pressure, asthama and heart problems andhelp to increase your will power.

There will never be shortage of food, wealth, money or clothing and will bring prosperity to your house or office. It will bring peace to the premises and maintain harmony among the people of the family.

It brings knowledge by evoking godess Saraswati and enlightens your children with knowledge and sharpens their mind.

Immerse the Parad Shivlinga in the Ganges water and sprinkle it on a person or in the premises. Malefic planetery effect and black magic evils will dissappear.Worship the Parad Shivlinga every monday by offering Bilvapatra/Belpatra and chanting the mantra of 'Om Namah Shivay' a hundred and one times. It will give fruitful results reguarding your vastudosha, grahapeeda, courtmatters, karyasiddhi, bussiness & trade, sevice, jobs, promotions, success in studies, health, wealth, money, name, fame, property, peace and harmony.

The four goals in human life-religion, health, desire, and salvation, can be fullfilled by worshipping the 'Parad Shivlinga'.


All the metals and sub-metals found in the world send out waves. Mercury is also a metal and sends out its waves likewise. As mercury (parad) is considered the most unstable among all the metals, similarly a persons mind is also very unstable and wavering. Both are closely related. If mercury is stabilized by destroying its unsteadiness, its waves will also be stable and steady. This will cause agood effect on a persons mind. If one meditates beside a Parad Shivlinga, the mind naturally gets concentrated. Therefore a compact from of mercury (Parad) is of great significance because it is extremely helpful in concentrating the mind.

Mercury has a property of liquidity which, in itself involves the diffcult process of solidification. It is belived that, to have a Shivlinga made by mercury (Parad) one must be blessed through good karmic deeds of the previous birth, but by the grace and compassion of Lord Shiva, we have achieved it and made it for the benifit of people of the world for peace and prosperity.

Mercury (Parad) is a very pious and sacred metal. Therefore it should not be immersed in any kind of hot or boiling liquid, eg...milk & water etc. By doing such may cause mercury (parad) to become unstable there by damaging the idols.

Descriptions reffered are according to Indian mythology, the seller is not responsible for any claim or consequences.


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